EMV Pay at the Pump Solutions

EMV at the pump

Unbranded Stations: Don’t take the risk of increased chargebacks due to the April 2021 EMV liability shift. Become EMV Compliant without disrupting your business or breaking the bank.

Replace card reader and utilize your existing wiring. Card information is sent to POS by secure tamper-proof Cloud connection. Complete installation 1-1.5 hours and we can update one pump at a time.

Easy Installation

Swap out existing card reader at the pump for EMV ready PAX IM 20.
Connect 2 wires to the back of the IM20 card reader
1) Power supply
2) Printer

Card information is securely transmitted through the cloud and is passed to processor and forecourt controller. No down time, no permits, site surveys, or inspections, no additional wiring at the pump.

Works with your existing POS